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A Good Nights Peace Margaret Ambrosino

A Good Nights Peace

Margaret Ambrosino

Published October 16th 2010
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 About the Book 

Beyond the realms of societal norms exist the unseen and the unheard. Though we are fully capable of seeing and hearing such, the underlying reality is that we move through the noise and competition of everyday life at such a ferocious pace that our minds, while crammed full of lesser things stealing every ounce of energy and contemplative time, fail to recognize the Spirit calling us to notice that which we have no time to see or hear. This was Maggie all over, before Gladys . . . before it all began.We work for all we are worth for what seems never enough. But for many like Gladys, the unseen and the unheard, it is enough just to survive. This is the true story of two women and how the hoplessness and despair of one became the inspiration behind the spiritual transformation of the other who found her. Bound by providence, they journeyed together, lives clashing in opposition along the way—hopeless one minute, humorous the next. Maggie, deeply desiring a less stressful more contemplative spititual life discovers a calling and, Gladys, a pitiful and destitute old woman insular and stubborn to change because of life’s horrid experiences, physical pain and naivete discovers a hidden longing, and both are forever changed.The story encourages us to take a step back from ourselves in order to see things unseen and hear things unheard, and it becomes clear, through openness and prayer, that the Spirit is present and working in the world. The author leaves us with a heightened awareness of the natural beauty of the earth and patterns of life, representing constant and gifted reminders of God’s dependable and enduring love. It is faith-building and reassuring when consistently, at every turn the Spirit’s perfect work abounds and we experience the kindheartedness of people who were not merely coincidental, but perhaps a true representation of the most repetitive pattern that exists in nature, the image and likeness of God that abides in mankind and binds us together.In a world needy for love and compassion, patience and understanding, we must look and listen for God not only in others, but also in ourselves. He defines every purpose made known to us whether or not we understand it. It is not always ours to understand or accomplish, but to respond in all ways loving, toward all things and all people. It serves us well always to remember: prayer changes things.