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777 Art of  the Bible  Diagram_James Steven Sooil Ahn

777 Art of the Bible Diagram_James

Steven Sooil Ahn

Published April 19th 2012
Kindle Edition
165 pages
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 About the Book 

What if You can memorize the whole sentences easily when you read the Bible?When you mediate the Scriptures, you can easily recollect them. One of the best way to learn the Bible, and memorize sentences or even the whole paragraphs is diagramming the Bible Sentences.Sentence Diagramming employs two kind of word classes. The open word class is the one, and the Brick Words which are elements of the sentences are such as noun, verb, adjective and adverb. The closed word class is the other one and the Mortar Words which makes the structures of the sentences are such as prepositions, conjunctions, demonstratives and articles.In simplification, the verb has only two kinds of verbs, linking verbs and action verbs. The later will have their objects for verbs, while the former will have compliments for additional explanation of subject. If action verbs have not their objects of action, then they are called intransitive.Therefore, we can simplify the many sentences into seven kinds of sentence structures combining three basic sentences. These are the basic structures. The first sentence structure is simple noun plus verb form such as [the subject as head plus intransitive verb structure] without any object and compliment. The second sentence structure is linked with the linking verb such as [the subject as head plus verb plus compliment] and the last sentence structure has object such as [the subject as head verb plus object] for transitive action verb. Other sentence structures are mix of the above three Basic Sentences.Reed and Kellogg used the sentence diagrams about one hundred years ago to teach English for easy understanding grammar. Any of words can change the role, the function of the word according to the position of the word even though they have the same word.This is good news because it means that we can all avoid the inescapable confusion for understanding of nouns and verbs. Diagramming necessary order of topic-mastery is not only beneficial to the student, but also to the teacher. The nature of diagramming dictates the order in which you should teach topics and ensures that the student masters each concept before continuing to the next. The more frequently used tools in the English language classroom are diagramming sentences. The author uses 7 Sentence Patterns for diagramming sentences such as NV, NVA, NVN, NVNN, NVNA, NVPN(NVTV), and NVNPN(NVNTV).Diagramming a sentence aids writers or speakers for the evaluation of English structure to develop clear, coherent, persuasive, and logical thoughts. This revolutionary Sentence Diagramming methods for The Bible English Sentences will provide us with means of deep insight of the Bible, visualized excitements of content, and language arts.By dint of Senior Professor Dr. Thomas Constable of DTS, he gave permission me to use his Expository Notes on the Bible of JAMES on my Art works on The Bible Sentence Diagram. I am very appreciated with his kind attention and encourage to my works. Dr. Minho Song of Korea is one of my great helpers for my organizing book, and Pastor Edmund Bruno of Tanzania has talented for his inspiration for this book.Steven Sooil Ahn