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Finding Meaning: A Quest for Truth Bill Chapel

Finding Meaning: A Quest for Truth

Bill Chapel

Published November 5th 2012
ISBN : 9781449773342
108 pages
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 About the Book 

Shattered relationships and other failures and disappointments point to the need of finding real meaning in life. This need is hardwired within each of us. We are created with unbelievably complex universes: bodies, minds, souls, and spirits--allowing us the potential to lead rich and abundant lives. We are not confined by our own self-directed actions or by artificial constraints laid on us by others. But to find real meaning in life involves a winding journey with individually unique roads to travel. The quest for truth is the most exciting excursion one can ever sign on for- the promised destination lands at the meaning of life that positively impacts the future--now and forever. Truth never fails! This book provides one persons winding road to finding meaning and can help direct the course for your journey as well.