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Virtual Worlds Pramod Nayar

Virtual Worlds

Pramod Nayar

Published April 28th 2004
ISBN : 9788178293578
343 pages
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 About the Book 

This interdisciplinary cultural study of the new technologies discusses cyberculture as it mediates, and in turn is mediated by, the contexts of globalisation, politics, medical science and war, and the realms of everyday life such as learning, identity, consumption, and leisure. It pays attention to common and visible expressions of technoculture - including music videos, niche marketing, literature, and cosmetic surgery - in order to highlight its distinguishing features. Using a range of insights from theorists such as Donna Haraway, Stuart Hall, Manuel Castells, Paul Virilio and Katherine Hayles, Virtual Worlds explores the dissemination of cybertechnology into the social and political fields.