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Loving God (A Judith Markham Book) Charles W. Colson

Loving God (A Judith Markham Book)

Charles W. Colson

ISBN : 9780340408636
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 About the Book 

This is one of my favorite books, although its very convicting.Charles Colson relies heavily on storytelling to make his points. These true stories are poignant, powerful, gripping. He tells them in sparse, conversational language that makes them all the more powerful.I think of Colson as a prophet. Like the Old Testament prophets, he is a proclaimer of truth. And as the Old Testament prophets preached primarily to the nation of Israel, Colson speaks primarily to the church.He calls for Christians to be radical.In a world where values are being shaped by the fleeting fantasies of secular humanism, it is radical to stand for the fundamental truth of God, to go to the root, the Word of God, he writes.He calls for the church to get out of its comfort zone.Too often ... the churchs strategy for those who dont belong is exactly backward, he writes. Priority goes to constructing an attractive edifice in a location near a growing suburb and as far from crime-infested downtown as possible. Next come the committees organizing concerts, covered-dish suppers, Bible studies, slide shows, and the like. Then, with fresh welcome mat at the door, the members enthusiastically wait for all the lost and needy souls to come and join them.Of course, they never do. ... The isolated church keeps evangelizing the same people over and over until its only mission finally is to entertain itself.This is not a book to read if you want to feel comfortable, especially if you are a Christian.