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The Path to Milwaukee Runs Through Comaland Richard E. Smith

The Path to Milwaukee Runs Through Comaland

Richard E. Smith

Published March 10th 2014
ISBN : 9781491022832
300 pages
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 About the Book 

The quest for his long lost brother, leads Eddie Wright along a path to the Celestial Milwaukee. The journey begins in a 1972 Duster, stick-shift - four on the floor - a car with mystical significance. Along the journey, Eddie meets Nurse Julie, a flamboyant flaky fake who is one gorgeous babe- Pistol-Packing Lorena who at 33 has been married 12 times with no divorces- the lovely Sondra, mauled by a miserable marriage, who is stunning in her short red Rent-A-Car uniform- a Young Nurse desperately seeking love in all the wrong places- and, of course, Paradise, a 19-year-old waitress with a propensity to smash expensive dishes when upset. Theres also Robby the Cop, an emotional cripple with a heart of gold- Martin and Marvin, twin tricksters, who try to make people believe they are - or are not - one or the other- Guru Fred, mentor of the flamboyant flaky fake- and Philip Bracken, MD, a logical rationalist who credits (or blames) his little scientific experiments on Eddie. And, yes, theres our hero himself, Edward (Mr. Right) Wright, known to four-old Justin as Spaghetti Eddie. But what can I say about Eddie? You should just read the book. And when you do youll probably agree with Sondra who says, if this is not bizarre, I dont know what is. But in the end, youll see that Dr. Bracken is correct in his scientific analysis that everything is working out according to the Plan of the Universe. Join Eddie and the others on a pilgrimage to find their true paths, and you may find a true path of your own. To Nirvana and beyond!